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Classes at The University of Arizona are back in session and that means our residents have been making their way back to Tucson, AZ for another great semester here at The Mark Tucson While we hope everyone had an amazing holiday break, we were excited to help kick off The U of A Spring 2022 the right way with a variety of residence life events!

On Monday, January 10th, 2022, we started off our Welcome Back Week with coffee bar and package delivery in our leasing office and lobby. We had about 20 residents show up and enjoy a free cup of coffee while going to their first day of spring semester classes, and we delivered their packages to their apartments.

Day two of Welcome Back Week, we held Taco Tuesday in our Rooftop Clubhouse. we teamed up with a local restaurant Illegal Pete’s and they catered our event with tacos and chips and salsa. we had 40 residents show up with a guest and loved hanging out while enjoying some of the best tacos in Tucson! we ran out of food within 2 hours!

On Day 3 of Welcome Back Week, we held Breakfast on the Go in our leasing office and lobby. Our residents got to enjoy a free breakfast sandwich and orange juice from Chick-Fil-A on their way to class. We had 50 people show up and our residents loved it and we ran out of 50 sandwiches within 2 hours!

For day four, we held Cornhole Tournament in our rooftop pool area. We had a great turnout of about 10 people as they competed for a $100 VISA gift card. Our residents always enjoy signing up for our competitions like our cornhole tournament!

On Friday, January 14th, 2022, we started off our Welcome Back Week with Fit Friday in our Rooftop Clubhouse. We partnered with a local business called Core Nutrition and they made our residents nutritional shakes and smoothies and showcased other nutritional products that they offer at their local business. For those who haven’t had their shakes, their flavors will blow you away. The residents' favorite shake flavor was Oreo Cheesecake. We had 45 residents show up in the first 2 hours, our residents loved the shakes so much that we were fresh out of shakes before the end of the event.

It was an awesome week getting our residents geared up for a successful semester at The University of Arizona! We love having the opportunity to provide a best-in-class, U of A off-campus housing experience to our residents and hosting a variety of engaging events is just one of the many ways we strive to accomplish that. From the whole team here at The Mark Tucson, we wish everyone an amazing Spring semester!

Welcome Back Week at The Mark Tucson!
Welcome Back Week at The Mark Tucson!